Surprisingly enough in our times of economic pressure and collapsing global investment markets, more and more –and I might add, younger and younger– men are turning or returning to classic footwear as offered by traditional workshops all over the world. For they feel that a solid, meticulously crafted and ever-lasting pair of shoes is a far more satisfying and reasonable investment than any other piece of clothing. Sadly, when you have a look at even the most dashing gentlemen’s homewear, things are starting to get a bit astounding to say the least. Plastic, plush and rubber in rather adventurous shapes are the choice for all to many men when it comes to shoes for wear about their home. However, given the elegant choices on offer at virtually any good shoemaker, I don’t see any excuse not to get a pair of proper house shoes. By that, I mean ones with a heel or at least a solid foot bed, made over a classically styled last or sewn by hand in the traditional moccassin fashion.

The shoes in the photo are classic slippers made from a single piece of what the maker calls lamacalf with a flexible heel counter to allow the back side to be folded down and a solid viscose piping along the inside to hold the wearer’s foot in place and thus prevent slipping. These shoes are made on a very elegant and classic last with an elegantly rounded toe and thin leather soles with a traditionally constructed heel. Worn under a pair of tailored trousers and well-made jacket, they are sufficiently dressy to welcome guests in whilst being highly comfortable at the same time.

Don’t let your elegant fare end at your doorstep.